Viridian’s Visit to India and Knit Pro!

25th September 2018

We all know India to be a place of beauty, ripe with amazing culture, food and colour, but sometimes we may connote it with poverty, a high population and a nation with it’s fair share of problems. Our Director, David, had the absolute pleasure of being invited out to India itself to visit with Knit Pro and our business partners. And what an experience it was!

David observed Knit Pro’s production process and was introduced to new future products and business ideas, but also experienced first hand how much the company is doing for poorer communities by encouraging and supporting a better standard of life.

A highlight, of course, was the school that Knit Pro have built. Knit Pro nurture young people – through education and the youth of the country, poverty can be eradicated! 900 children are currently being educated in the Apna School (which translates into “Our School”). As the only school in a rural area South Eastern of New Delhi, education is free as well as uniform, resources and school bus, and kids are learning in a supportive environment.

Knit Pro are constantly working towards Gender Equality through Women Empowerment, something that has been raised as a serious issue, particularly in India and the Middle East. 350 women currently work in the offices and Knit Pro factory. Most hail from poor families and villages, but each are guaranteed a job, and each are granted medical and retirement benefits, plus these benefits are extended to their immediate family also. Transport for them is taken care of too as they have a free bus service to and from work to avoid any walks home on the dark streets. As well as this, men are also granted a free bus service, or push bike if they prefer!

David met with the children of Apna School and ladies who work for Knit Pro. Despite being shown to the Taj Mahal, he hasn’t stopped raving about the school there and how incredible Knit Pro’s work is in poverty stricken India.

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