India Trip 101 – Interview with David Husbands

12th October 2018

Recently, David (the director of this company) got invited to go to the beautiful country of India and visit the heart of Knit Pro. He came back with many stories and photos that I thought should be explored a bit more. We have posted a few photos on the Viridian Facebook page and went on a brief journey with David on our website, but there were more stories to tell and so I took it on myself to show you the good and the bad of India through an interview with David.

  • Why did you decide to go? Was there anything that pushed you to go?

They offered me an all-expense paid trip. They do this as they are aware that places like India can sometimes have a reputation of having a bad employment ethics so by paying for distribution companies to visit the factory and offices, they can dispel any myths and show that in fact they go over and beyond the stereo-type that surrounds them. They not only treat the staff very well, they have very high environmental credentials.

  • Which parts of India did you explore?

Mainly the Delhi area but also explored Jaipur as that is a developing area where the main Knit Pro factory is and an amazing trip to the Taj Mahal.

  • Who did you meet there? Was there anyone that you will remember most?

I met all the managers, production, packing, quality control as well as the office staff. I was also shown around the factory where I met all the workers and had some nice chats with them as well. I will remember lots of them.

  • What was your favourite part of the trip?

This is an easy question to answer, it has to be the school. Seeing some of the profits being used to build, staff, supply equipment, provide uniforms and transport for young people is fantastic. The faces of the little ones was amazing.

  • What was the least favourite part of the trip?

Delhi Belly towards the end of the trip.

  • Was there a part of your trip that will always stay with you?

This goes back to the school again. It was just truly amazing to see what can be done if people see the bigger picture opposed to just their bank account. It is not just the school they help. All male employers get given a push bike and all women get free bus journeys. Another thing they do is after a short while of working within the Knit Pro factory, the staff get given health insurance for not just themselves, but extended to their family. Knit Pro support their workers as much as they possibly can.

  • Is there anything that you would change about your trip?

Not change, but I would take Imodium if I go again!

  • Did you learn anything in India?

I now understand how the Symphonie wood is made, and it is very impressive.

  • I’m guessing there was some sightseeing whilst you were there, what did you go and see?

I went to the Taj Mahal and The Jantar Mantar the Astronomical Observatory. Both are truly impressive. When you think about the time when they were built you have to ask how on earth they achieved it.

  • Was there anything you were surprised about with the country or the Knit Pro factory?

Hardly anyone smokes in India, which is weird to compared to the UK. The factory have solar panels on the roof, heat units that burn waste products and an entire system to treat effluent and once cleaned, the water is used to water the company garden.

  • Going into the Knit Pro factory, was it what you expected?

Not sure what I expected but the place is huge and extremely well managed. It’s very clean and well ordered. Which something my OCD appreciated!

  • Are you happy with Knit Pro’s factory and how it is run?

Oh boy yes! It is run better than I could ever have imagined.

  • Did you bring anything back home that was special and not just the hotel freebies?

Haha, lots of hotel freebies! When I was at the School I was dressed in a turban, I kept that as a special reminder of the trip.

  • Are we expecting you to go back and come back with more stories to tell?

I have been invited to go back in two years with my daughter, the people there have invited her along for the trip as well, so it would be nice for her to experience the beauty of India. I also want to check in on the progress of the School.

  • Would you recommend anyone to go experience India?

Of course, it is a very divided country so be ready for the high level of poverty, but it is a beautiful country and nice to know that there are companies out there using their profits to make the country a better place.



This is David wearing his turban, whilst visiting the school.



This is when David went to see the beautiful Taj Mahal, with Vishal (on the left) and Denis (on the right). Visha took David to the Taj Mahal and Denis supplies wood to Knit Pro.


The picture on the left is David standing below a photo of Roop Jain, who is the man that owns the Knit Pro factory and donates to the school. The picture on the right is of some of the young school kids he met that day.


The factory from the outside and inside. The picture on the left is only some of the workers he acquainted with.








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