Lantern Moon Needle Cases – Ikat

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  • This custom designed needle case is now available in “Ikat fabric”. Its unique design is achieved by tie-dying different yarns before weaving, resulting is a subtle blend of colour.

    These Lantern Moon needle cases are designed by artisans for generations of use by skilled knitters.

    Double Pointed Needle Case

    This padded double point case has 12 sleeves, including an extra-large one for circulars. The zip closure keeps all contents safely stored.

    Knit-Aid Case

    This padded case has 6 pockets to keep a variety of tools on hand. The zip closure keeps all contents safely stored.

    Interchangeable Needle Case

    This zippered and padded case has 10 sleeves for multiple interchangeable needle tips, plus 5 pockets for cables or accessories.

    Circular Needle Case

    The padded case contains 16 interior pockets to safely store and protect multiple circular needles & 2 pockets for accessories. The zippered case is designed to help organize a variety of sizes.