Knit Pro MIO Ring/Stitch Markers & Tapestry Needles

Stitch Ring Markers
Pack of 10 large (16.5 mm), 20 medium (10 mm) and 20 small (6 mm) rings

Split Ring Markers
Pack of 30 rings

Locking Stitch Markers
Pack of 30 stitch markers

Tapestry Needles Set
Pack of 2 small and 2 large needles

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  • Great for marking the beginning of a round or pattern repeat
    Use on your needle to mark stitches
    Hang on your knitting to mark rows
    Mark decreases, increases or even mistakes
    Easy to slip onto a needle in the middle of your work
    Hooks into the knitted or crocheted stitch within a row without slipping out
    Mark increases or decreases in your pattern
    Mark a mistake that needs to be ripped back
    Catch the dropped stitch before it runs down through