Knit Pro Cubics Fixed Circular Needles

One Symfonie Cubics Rose Fixed Circular Needle
(Two Needle Tips joined by a Cable)

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  • Recommended for Knitters having arthritis problems
    The cuboid shape in square cross-section gradually gives way to perfectly tapered birch wood needle points
    Symfonie Rose wood textured densified laminated wood which in appearance yet light weight, strong & flexible
    Unique ergonomic shape provides comfort to the hand and yields uniform stitch formation
    Polished warm wood surface works effortlessly with every type of yarn without slowing down knitting rhythm
    Warm to the touch, gentle in the hand
    A smooth join ensures easy stitch glide and no snagging
    Resilient, flexible cables lay flat with no kink or twist – easy to store
    Perfect for beginners too – provide easy grip and control over your knitting
    Needle size is measured diagonally – fits into standard needle sizer just like round needles
    The knitter’s favorite needle: Providing hours of pleasurable knitting with no hand fatigue