February Newsletter! 2021

5th March 2021

Welcome to our first newsletter of the year!

Due to the hectic and uncertain circumstances, we were unable to send out a newsletter last month, but we hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and managed to have a bit of a well-earned rest. Hopefully, this year will be better for all of us!

NEW IN FROM OPAL: After a small delay, we now have two fabulous new and old ranges now available from Opal. Best of Opal 4ply features 8 of some much loved and reincarnated shades from various old ranges, creating a positive sense of nostalgia. Check out the range here via the link: Opal Best of Opal 4ply – Available Now! – Viridian Yarn .

OPAL BEAUTY: Opal’s Beauty 4ply is another special range with its inclusion of Edelweiss and Vitamin E in all 6 of its shades. The ingredients are known to provide health and skin benefits, and with these additions, the range is a little more expensive and can also be visited here: Opal Beauty 4ply with Edelweiss and Vitamin E – Now Available – Viridian Yarn .

EUCALAN: As some of you are already aware,we are currently transitioning from the old Eucalan design to the new. There has been no change to the product itself so there is no need to worry, but as we continue with stock rotation you may experience a mixture of old and new across all scents as we slowly say goodbye to the old design. Please ask us for the old and new images if needed.

PANART: It is with great excitement that we welcome a new product range and manufacturer into our Viridian family! After deciding to explore the artistic element of crafting, we now have a host of paintbrushes, sets and cases. Our collection contains only animal-friendly, synthetic brushes and cater to a range of paint and styles.

For further information on this, please check it out here on our website via the Art Products section.

Kind Regards,

David, Jackie, Elizabeth, Sunny and Team

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